Trello Integration

Linking your project with Trello super-charges your productivity by delegating the process of creating new Trello cards for your feedback - leaving you with more time to focus on the problem itself.

Linking Your Trello Account


Make sure you have a Trello account. You'll also want to have a Trello board ready to receive feedback from Tether.

Linking Instructions

  1. Visit your Tether project's settings page by clicking the gear icon from the sidebar of your project's dashboard.

  2. In the "Integrations" section, click the "Link Trello" button.

  3. Login to your Trello account when prompted.

  4. When asked to allow Tether access to your Trello account, click "Allow". (Note: Tether has limited access to your account information, and is only used to create new cards for the project you've specified)

  5. Once you're redirected back to project settings, use the dropdown to specify the board and list you want feedback cards to be created in.

  6. Verify everything is set up correctly by clicking the "Create Test Card" button, and ensuring a new card was created on the Trello board you specified.

  7. You are now fully linked to your Trello account, and are ready to receive feedback! One last thing though! Be sure the "Automatically forward to Trello" checkbox is checked if you'd like Trello cards to be created for feedback as soon as it's received.