How to Subscribe

In order to continue using Tether's feature once your trial period has elapsed, you must set up a subscription. For more info on Tether features, and pricing, please visit our Pricing page. Follow along with the instructions below to start your Tether subscription.

{info.fa-info-circle} Tether subscriptions apply only to the team they are associated with. To switch teams, click your profile dropdown in the upper right navbar and select the team you'd like to switch to.

Subscription Setup

{alert.fa-lock} Tether utilizes Stripe for payment processing. This means that we do not store or have access to your payment information.

  1. Navigate to your Team Settings

  2. In the "Subscription" section, click the "Subscribe" button to be redirected to the Pricing page

  3. Click the "Upgrade to Pro" button to be redirected to Stripe's payment portal

  4. Enter your payment information and click the "Subscribe" button

You're now subscribed! :triumph:
We're happy to have you as part of the Tether community :blush:

{alert.fa-exclamation-circle} Usually, your team will immediately reflect your subscribed status. However, in rare cases Tether may take up to several minutes to reflect changes to your subscription.