Slack Integration

Our Slack integration allows you to receive notifications when you receive feedback, or a member of your team comments or modifies existing feedback. These notifications show you a preview of the event that requires action, serving as an overview of what's happening in your Tether projects at a glance.

Linking Your Slack Account


Make sure you have a Slack account and workspace to connect to.

Linking Instructions

  1. Visit your Tether project's settings page by clicking the gear icon from the sidebar of your project's dashboard.

  2. In the "Integrations" section, click the "Link Slack" button.

  3. Login to your Slack account when prompted.

  4. When asked to give Tether permission to access to your Slack account, click "Allow". (Note: Tether's Slack integration only has the ability to send notifications to the channel of your choice, we cannot read your messages)

  5. Once you're redirected back to project settings, use the dropdown to specify the Slack channel you want Tether notifications to be sent to.

  6. Verify everything is set up correctly by clicking the "Send Test" button, and ensure the Tether bot announces a test message in the channel you specified.

You are now fully linked to your Slack account! 🥳

You'll be notified when:

  • Feedback is received
  • Feedback is commented on
  • Feedback is resolved or ignored
  • Team members are assigned to feedback
  • Priority of feedback is changed