• Who is Tether for?
  • How is Tether installed?
  • Who can submit feedback?
  • How much does Tether cost?
  • Does the Tether widget work on mobile?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tether for?

Tether is built for teams of all sizes. This includes SaaS companies, development agencies, QA agencies and more

How is Tether installed?

Tether is installed via a javascript code snippet. Add one line of code to your project's repository and access Tether on any page. Visit our Quick Start Documentation for more details.

Who can submit feedback?

Anyone that has access to where Tether is installed. This will usually be on your staging/QA site. Once installed, Tether's floating action button will follow you across each page.

How much does Tether cost?

The cost of Tether scales based on the size of your team. Check out our pricing page for more details!

Does the Tether widget work on mobile?

Yes! The Tether feedback button will work on your mobile device.